Quilt and Release

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Seyon Lodge

In late October Dog River Quilters held their fall retreat at Seyon Lodge for the second time. The first time we were there was in May. Almost immediately we felt like we’d found our ideal space with its large well-lit room for quilting and its second-floor cozy bedrooms for sleeping, along with delicious meals prepared by Tiffany and Chris, the lodge caretakers. The lodge is on the edge of Noyes Pond, a prime fly-fishing destination. Quilters have also discovered this gem, and the facility gets booked far in advance in the gaps between fishing seasons.

Margaret rings the dinner bell to call us together.

Margaret rings the dinner bell 

We noticed during our first visit that the lodge did not have any quilted wall-hangings although there are plenty of quilts around as bed-coverings. This gave our de facto leader, Margaret, an idea.

She proposed making a wall hanging for the lodge, to present to them at our fall retreat. I volunteered (via draft) to be the project coordinator. We spent the next month or so talking about what we should do. Various ideas were floated, then Margaret found some vintage fabric she had in her stash, purchased several years ago in anticipation of making something for her husband, an avid fly fisherman and an accomplished fly tier.

The fabric hung on my design wall for the next month, while I pondered what to do next. Because we wanted to feature the piece with people fishing I was hesitant to start cutting it into smaller pieces. Then I came up with the idea of creating a quilt that would look like a view from the lodge window. I floated my proposal to the group, and after some fine-tuning we started sewing. The center piece is the “window” with the dark rust sashing mimicking window sashing. It is framed by coordinating fabric strips as well as a top piece of the stream of fish. And finally, the bottom fish are hanging by fishing line, and 4-5 real ties were added (contributed by Margaret’s husband).

Seyon Lodge Crew with Quilt

We presented the quilt to Tiffany and Chris the second day of our retreat. They were surprised and very happy to have such a custom-made piece of art for the lodge.  We look forward to seeing it displayed when we return for our spring 2014 retreat.

Dog River Quilters with Lodge Crew

Dog River Quilters with Lodge Crew