A Quilt for the Season


My lack of a green thumb is legend in my family. Every houseplant I’ve ever tried to have has withered in my care. I admit it is because I forget they are there which results in erratic watering and tending. And I’ve never been much interested in gardening, either, except for the enjoyment I get at viewing a great landscape or eating fresh vegetables that someone else worked hard to produce!

Poinsettia tree in Mexico

Poinsettia tree in Mexico

Years ago my husband worked in Mexico for a year, making periodic rotations home. Twice I traveled to visit him in lieu of him traveling back and forth. There was a beautiful poinsettia tree in the front yard of the house he shared with co-workers. It was the first of its kind I’d ever seen. I was used to the seasonal plants that are sold in grocery stores or by school children and civic groups as fundraisers.

When I saw this quilt pattern last spring I was immediately drawn to it. It evoked that poinsettia tree that had so charmed me in Mexico. Without looking too carefully at the actual instructions (things like number and size of the applique pieces) I bought it along with some fabric to supplement the reds, greens, neutrals, and yellows I knew I already had in my stash. Fortunately my patience for cutting fabric, ironing, sewing and quilting far exceed my patience for yard work. I finished the quilt in time for the holidays, and it now graces the back of the living room couch. The house feels more festive, and a living plant has been spared.


Poinsettia Wreaths (pattern by Black Mountain Needleworks)