Autumn Up

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leaf3Thanks to our abundance of maple trees, Vermont is splendid in the fall. I sometimes think of it as nature’s big gift before the cold and snow. When I saw a quilt with a maple leaf/log cabin design I knew I wanted to make one to capture the season.

I constructed my own pattern using graph paper. I had an idea of what size I wanted a block, keeping in mind easy-to-work-with measurements to simplify cutting.


Next I started looking through my stash for the leaf fabrics. I didn’t want bright red, and I wanted a variety, including browns, greens, and even purples and dark blue. Then I pulled out several different prints for the log cabin strips. After going through these several times I decided to stick with fabrics that were more traditional rather than modern. Some of the fabrics have a playful feel – stars, mice, grapes, apples, and farm animals.


The most difficult part of the construction was sewing the log cabin strips in a random order. I’m used to planning and thinking about how fabrics (both the print and the colors) look next to each other. I only controlled it to the degree that I didn’t use two of the same thing in one block, and for the final strip I paid a bit more attention so that there wouldn’t be a lot of any one color in a block.

I did the quilting on my longarm, using gold thread and a pantograph called “Airborne”. Its swirls and curves are like wind blowing over the leaves.

This project was full of joy from beginning to end. I loved the colors, the shapes, seeing it come together, and the final result. It reminds me in some way how fall can be the start of something new!