Branching Out


tree2Working on someone else’s creation always seems like an immense responsibility. This was never more true than working on this piece that two other individuals created. It was a special collaboration for them, and bringing me into the mix meant trusting someone else to help them realize their vision.

The crocheted tree was done by my friend’s niece, during a time when she needed some distraction. It was her first crocheted creation, which I find remarkable. It is thick and textured unlike any crocheted thing I’ve seen before. The niece then sent it to her aunt to create the background. My friend took an organic approach and used a ground to sky theme, making a vibrant, yet subtle, piece.


The next step was the quilting itself, and that’s where I came in. I wanted something that was also subtle, not anything too flowery or flowing or feathery. The design I chose, along with my friend’s input, is one that looks a bit like knots in wood.

My friend attached the tree to the quilted background, a painstaking job done carefully by hand. The final result is stunning; the pictures don’t really do it justice.










2 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. Denise, this quilt is absolutely beautiful! What a great collaboration, such talent by all parties. Thank you for sharing your masterpieces.

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