Spreading the Love

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Graduation season has once again come and gone. That time of year when the end of an academic era gives way to “the real world” or perhaps to the next level of educational attainment. As they are launched into the next phase, most graduates are feted by family and friends, with all the hopes and wishes that involves.

When I graduated from college my grandmother made me a crocheted bedspread, something I’d been coveting. I loved the bedspread from the very beginning, but I didn’t realize until I was older just what a labor of love it was. I’d never really crocheted, except to make a single strand under the guidance of my grandmother, but I’d seen her effortlessly crochet since I was a child so I suppose I thought it was just another project, albeit a large one. I’ve used the bedspread off and on through the years, and just recently got it out of a prolonged storage. Although it was created to be a double, it really is more suited to a twin bed so it’s found a new place in the little guest room.

bedspread2I like to acknowledge the graduations of those near and dear to me. One of my great-nieces graduated from high school this spring. She lives far away, and I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I’ve seen her in her 18 years. I was fortunate to spend a little time with her on a recent visit to my family in Oregon. The bond through my niece, her mother, and my sister, her grandmother, is powerful, but I also felt that connection that comes from realizing you really like someone. There’s no bedspread making its way to her, and not even a quilt in the works. But sometimes love can spread in other ways – through cards and contributions, by sharing family stories, or by being that someone on the edge of your family circle who would stretch their arms to embrace you whenever you need it.