Longarm Quilting

bees loaded with pantoI am now offering longarm quilting services. I am happy to provide this service regardless of your location, however, there are advantages to in-person consultation and avoiding the pitfalls of shipping so I suggest that if you are not in my area you seek out one of the many fine longarm quilters in your locale. If you do not know of anyone, your local quilt shop or  quilt guild may be able to provide referrals.

Please contact me to discuss your project and requirements before delivering or shipping a quilt for longarm finishing.


How to Prepare Your Quilt

Please make your backing and batting at least 6” longer and 6” wider than your quilt top (at least 3” on every side). This insures that the backing can be loaded properly on the rollers and that the backing and batting will be sufficient for the quilting process.

All pieces (front, backing, and batting) should be squared up.

The front and backing should be pressed and free of creases and puckers.

Loose threads should be trimmed as much as possible from the backside of the top. It is important to get the “clumps” or longer threads; if they migrate when the quilt is rolled it is generally impossible to get them out and they may show through on lighter fabrics.


Meandering or Stippling:  $ 0.015 per square inch

Edge-to-edge (pantograph):  $ 0.015 per square inch

Custom Work:  $ 0.02 per square inch

Thread Change (third color +):  $ 5.00

Minimum Charge:  $40.00

Prep Fee (if necessary):  $10.00 [Pressing and/or squaring up]

Payment is due upon completion.

Additional Options

Rush orders may be accommodated depending on project and/or time of year. An additional fee will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

I will consider purchasing a specific pantograph you want if I do not have it on hand. This may add 1-2 weeks to your order as processing and shipping from the supplier can take 7-10 business days.

I can generally use whatever thread color you select. I use the same thread for top and bottom, or a similar color on the bottom to avoid any show through from back to front.

I can provide batting with advance notice, and will add the retail cost to your total order.


*Effective 09/10/2017


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